Our Company has acquired a reputation as a reliable supplier for which the establishment of long-term and lasting relationships is priority task.

  We are actively developing deliveries of agricultural products to EU, CIS and the far abroad countries owing to rush orders and terms of contract.

  You can buy our finished products presented on our website and make your individual order for products to be produced for you in the short term at the production facilities of the best Ukrainian plants.

  Agrarian Center actively cooperates with survey companies and the buyer's authorized agent in Ukraine when loading products.

  We would be glad to meet you and your Company’s agent in our office at the following address:

Khreshchatyk St., 7/11, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine

  We realize that our credibility and professionalism may be really proved on personal meeting only.

We appreciate the confidence and are always ready
to take your new orders!

  Any information on the purchase of products and our terms of cooperation, and also the date and time of your visit may be agreed by e-mail:

In order to start working with us you should:

1. Send your request. Send an order or LOI for products by e-mail: (specify number of products, quality parameters, terms of delivery, payment terms, delivery time and shipment date)
2. Get our commercial offer. At your request in the course of day there will be sent our commercial offer specifying the price and the possible date of shipment.
3. Order confirmation. Upon receipt of our commercial offer you should confirm your order for purchase of products by e-mail:
4. Signing of contract. Upon receipt of your order confirmation, you will receive a draft contract for its approval and signature.
5. Payment for products. Payment for products shall be carried out according to the contract terms.
6. Shipment of products. The Parties shall agree means of transport and the date when it will be sent up for loading.
7. Confirmation of shipment. Shipment of products shall be confirmed by the shipping document (CMR, air bill, bill of lading, rail bill of lading) which will be sent to the customer including a complete set of certificates for products and will evidence shipping to the destination.

Cooperation geography

Priorities of our activities include: timely implementation of our commitments, availability of a wide range of products, flexible pricing policy, export of high-quality products, long-term relationships with suppliers and importers based on mutual confidence.

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